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Battle of the Babes #90

02.04.2010by: Cherry Liquor

Whoa is the hottie on television who can't seem to catch on fire at the box office. All she gets is a regular weekly paycheck that she can demand be increased in size should she garner awards from several events or just flat out impress the young men and their dads who love watching them. Here are three of television's unsung hotties, kicking ass and taking names on a weekly basis and hoping for a little more of your attention.

Yvonne Strahovski

Yvonne is a 27 year old hottie from down under who has come to recognition as the babe who teaches the tech geek how to be a super spy on the show "Chuck." I laugh at the idea of watching it because its star, Zach Levy, went to high school with some friends of mine and supposedly he was a huge douchebag. And you know what? I am sick of the trend of the douchebag getting to play a geek and get (or at least chase after) the girl, especially a girl as hot as Strahovski.

Annie Wersching

I know a lot of you probably get sick of me saying this, but I am just not big on watching television as a part of my regularly scheduled week. So it was among the consensus of my MFC Schmoes to bring "24" hottie Annie Wersching to my attention. At first I wasn't all that impressed with the pictures I found of her, as her face & make-up didn't look all that great in the red carpet photos. But then I caught sight of that rack and it made me consider why I haven't watched a single episode of this show. (Oh, that's right... I prefer thinking that Keifer is still David. Excuse me that I don't want to grow up out of my adolescence.)

Julie Bowen

Oh, Julie Bowen, Julie Bowen... how the hell is it possible that you're going to be turning 40 in March? Currently rocking the show "Modern Family," I can't get over how it's been 14 years since you first snagged our attention in HAPPY GILMORE and have been drifting around on television since then, appearing on everything from your bigger role on "Ed" to a short stint on "ER." Then of course the episodes on "Weeds" and run on "Boston Legal." Oh yeah, and that one show about the plane crashing. Well, if you can't make it in the movies, at least get people addicted to you as they eat their microwave dinners from their armchairs.

Who's your favorite Unsung TV Hottie right now?


Extra Tidbit: 38 votes came pouring in for the Battle of the Aquarius Babes and it seems like Zach Morris might still be the most lucky bastard on the planet, as his sweetheart Tiffani Thiessen came in the winner with 20 of the total votes. Second place went to the relationship plagued Jennifer Aniston with 13 votes and Mariska handcuffed third place with 5 votes.
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