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Battle of the Babes #87

01.14.2010by: Cherry Liquor

Never mind the fact that Jackie Chan looks like he's basically playing a version of Vin Diesel from THE PACIFIER in his new movie THE SPY NEXT DOOR coming out this weekend, let's instead focus our attention to some of the babes that we'd prefer having as a spy neighbor, shall we? I didn't want to go with anyone too specific, so no Angelina Jolie write-ins, thank you.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Hewitt had the unfortunate circumstance of having to play the spy who educates a clueless Jackie Chan in yet another one of his stupid English language movies, THE TUXEDO. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for JLove's soft spots and ended up watching this piece of tripe just because she was in it. Do I believe that she made a plausible spy? Well... next to Jackie Chan, it really didn't matter. Hell, it really doesn't matter what she plays as long as she brings her sweater puppies to the party.

Heather Graham

As much as I know I'll be put up on a stake and left out to dry for admitting this, I didn't like any of the AUSTIN POWERS movies, including THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME, the second installment in which Heather Graham was the female spy in question who had to do the deed with Fat Bastard. That whole set of characters which Myers plays all are juvenile in the worst of ways in my opinion, but Graham as Felicity Shagwell was at the top of her babe status in that role.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is probably the most plausible spy chick of this bunch, as Agent 99 in the 2008 big screen version of GET SMART. She seemed the most fitting for a good looking woman who was also a competent spy. The tight outfits and making fun of Dwayne Johnson along the way also helped her bid in this week's spy game, in my opinion.

Who's your favorite Spy Babe?


Extra Tidbit: What an amazing turn out for last week's Battle, I'm giddy and overwhelmed, thanks guys! 48 comments, one person casting a vote for all three, one person saying they couldn't pick just one at all. In the end, it totaled out to 46 votes where Jessica Biel in BLADE: TRINITY took the top honours with 21 votes. Coming in second was the real life representation of a video game character, Angelina Jolie with 13 votes and far from being behind was Charlize Theron with 12 votes. Keep those votes coming so we have the diverse opinions and make sure to tell your Schmoe friends to cast their votes too!!
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