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Battle of the Babes #85

12.31.2009by: Cherry Liquor

I was going to try and do a Battle of the New Year Babes this week, but it turns out that not many actressses of a youthful hottie age and aesthetic were born on that day. So I'm falling back onto the Zodiac again. Funny thing is, when I brought you the Scorpios, there was a variety in that bunch. For the Capricorns of the acting world, a lot of them seem to be blonde and white. (And no, I'm not including Zooey or Eliza in here because I'd like to not have a run-away Battle, if possible.)

Estella Warren

Born on December 23, 1978 in Ontario, Canada, Estella already has a couple of pluses working for her. She's got the same birthday of one of the only Caps I get along with well (although Matt Withers over at AITH is pretty aiiight as well) and she's a Canuck, which is automatic plus points. World class synchronized swimmer turned model turned barely passable actress, she's still fine as hell for a blonde, in my opinion.

Kate Bosworth

If you wish they all could be California girls, you're probably thinking of the stereotype that is held up by Los Angeles native blonde, Kate Bosworth. She was damn cute when she started out as a surfer in BLUE CRUSH and she's got that really neato thing going on with her one multi-colored eye, but I really wish she could keep her dress size from dropping into the negatives. January 2nd, 1983 birthday almost made her a New Year's Babe too.

Sienna Miller

Where a long time in the past, I think I did a battle of the Babes I loved to hate and Sienna might have been in that bunch, I do listen to those that I respect and Mark, you got me to start checking her out in more roles. I'm still not 100% sold on her acting, but out of these three in the battle this week, I will say that she's got the most diverse resume and the best chops on screen. Now, that might still not be saying much, but I'll say that a December 28th birthday qualifies her for the Battle and, well... she might even have won my vote here.

Who's your favorite little hard-headed Zodiac babe?


Extra Tidbit: Thanks to the 30 voters who stopped and took a moment out of their holiday schedules to vote on a favorite kooky Kristmas babe. The winner was Michelle Monaghan with over half the count, 17 votes total. Lauren Graham, the Santa F*cker had 8 votes and I was happy to not be alone in loving Martine McCutcheon, who gathered 5 votes. As always, thanks for playing folks!
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