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Battle of the Babes #81

12.03.2009by: Cherry Liquor

Yes, I have a little of the glasses on hot chicks fetish. No, I was not going to throw in the obvious winner by adding Tina Fey to this Battle because it just wasn't going to be any fair. But I found some images of chicks that just look even better when they're sporting the four-eyed look. You tell me what you like best.

Megan Fox

So most of us are agreed that Megan Fox is a good looking woman who says some stupid shit and if she isn't careful, the hope that she has of turning into the next generation of Angelina Jolie is going to die as quickly as I hope her character does in the third TRANSFORMERS installment. But isn't this just the cutest picture of her? Almost makes me kind of forget that the glasses don't make the chick any smarter.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys might be better known as a musician slash singer slash songwriter than she is as an actress, but the girl has some roles under her belt. Personally, I kind of liked her character in SMOKIN' ACES. And she's one of those good looking women who actually looks better when she's dressed down than when she's dressed up. The glasses on her just make my mouth water.

Alyssa Milano

There pretty much isn't a single thing that Milano could do and not be totally cute. She looks like she's an endless 20-something, she is the sports-fan's best friend (if you're a guy who likes his chick not barraging him with questions about how a sport works) and you can put her in a burlap sack and you'd still see her curves. So it's no big surprise that she looks even cuter with the glasses on.

Who is your favorite Bespeckled Babe?


Extra Tidbit: Last year, I tried to have fun with Battle on Thanksgiving by featuring male contestants. Not so much a winner. Still, while there were only 16 votes for the Disney Princess Battle, it was an improvement, with Princess Jasmine taking in more than 50%, with 10 votes, Ariel had 5 and poor Aurora, the victim of the little prick, only got 1. Ha.
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