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Battle of the Babes #8

06.26.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Much to my surprise (and delight), it was close but safe enough to say that Summer Glau was the favorite pick for Hottest Kickass Babe. So let's swing the other way, shall we? Instead of babes that could whip your ass, how about the Battle of the (Ditzy Blonde) Babes Who Make You Laugh Your Ass Off?

Anna Faris

Most people's first cinematic encounter with Anna was as a brunette in SCARY MOVIE, where she'd been hired to (rather aptly) mock Neve Campbell's character of Sydney from SCREAM. By the time that they were putting out the third installment of Anna's franchise, she was commanding 7 figures to come back, stating that if she was going to participate in that kind of crap, she might as well get paid for it. She then made movies that otherwise would have suffered without her (JUST FRIENDS, MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND) slightly more worth watching. Oh, and she's an English Lit graduate from the University of Washington. (Also newly single; Her marriage to fellow actor Ben Indra was finalized in February of this year.) We can all look forward to watching Anna headline THE HOUSE BUNNY later this year.

Elizabeth Banks

OK, so Elizabeth Banks still has some work cut out for her in Hollywood if she's going to get mass audiences to remember her as anything other than the "Can I put my bike in your trunk?" girl from THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN. But Liz has been around awhile, In WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER she shook her tush with the best of them and in the SPIDERMAN franchise, she was a stand-out as Betty Brant, the brash secretary to the eternally constipated J. Jonah Jameson. Sure, DEFINITELY, MAYBE was a complete throw-away this year, but with roles in MEET DAVE and Kevin Smith's highly anticipated ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO co-starring Seth Rogen, Banks is guaranteed to be completely bankable by the end of this year.

Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy is the cockroach of ditzy movie blondes. She's everywhere and there doesn't seem to be anything on the market that's going to get rid of her. I attribute that to the fact that underneath all her chipper PDA showing off on the red carpet, she's really a rather talented actress, from her intensely memorable role in CLUELESS (where most people remember her as being "the fat Brittany Murphy") to her disturbing turn in GIRL, INTERRUPTED. Over the years, Brit has been funny (LITTLE BLACK BOOK - trust me, it's underrated), profane and tragic (THE DEAD GIRL), sinfully sexy (SIN CITY) and child-appropriate good singer (HAPPY FEET). She's got 5 movies on her slate for the next two years, including the sequel to SIN CITY. Let's face it, the girl is golden.

OK, so who is your favorite funny babe?

Extra Tidbit: As always, my choice is in the source link above.
Source: IMDB


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