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Battle of the Babes #78

11.12.2009by: Cherry Liquor

I hate those fashion magazines which like to pit women of different ages groups against one another, as if they're a proper gauge of what you're going to look like in your 20's, your 30's and your 40's. We all know that celebrities have it easier than the average woman. But let's use that formula (because I'm feeling lazy this week) and apply it to those actresses with an average first name, Kelly.

Kelly Brook

Other than the fact that she's been in a ton of photoshoots where she bares her ample cleavage and the fact that she was Billy Muthaf*ckin Zane's arm candy for years, I don't know much about Kelly Brook. But honestly, in times like these, you don't have to know much about a woman. Technically she's not turning 30 until later this month, so Brook qualifies for the 20's Kelly category.

Kelly Carlson

Another Kelly that I'm not all that familiar with, other than being told by many of my male friends that she's hot as hell on the show "Nip/Tuck," Kelly Carlson is pretty impressive looking for a woman who is going to be turning 34 next February. Cute face, pretty decent body and willing to take a dive in the acting arena by being in movies starring John Cena, this woman deserves at least SOME props.

Kelly Preston

The mother of all Kellys, Preston turned 47 last month and seems to be more rockin' the older she gets even if most of you can't get her out of your head from the totally nude scene she did in MISCHIEF. I'm a girl, so I remember her best from SPACE CAMP instead, and I don't care for her and her husband's "religious" stance, but Preston has put in her time in the business and deserves recognition for that.

Who's your favorite Kelly?


Extra Tidbit: With an absolutely impressive turnout of 34 votes for last week's Battle of the Family Guy Babes, it was a squeaker with Mila Kunis clocking in 16 votes to Lacey Chabert's 15. Fairuza managed to scare 3 votes out of the rest of the bunch. And yes, I still hate the show.
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