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Battle of the Babes #77

11.05.2009by: Cherry Liquor

There are two shows that I take a lot of crap for truly hating. The first is "Seinfeld." Yeah, I said it... I hate that show. And I have tried watching some episodes. The other gets me even more shit, especially from the fanboys. I really, really, really hate "Family Guy." However, I felt like it was a good opportunity for you to mock me for my loathe of it, and to choose between one of the show's hottest voice performers.

Mila Kunis

Kunis has the biggest role on the show, voicing the daughter of the fat slob father who is such a stupid stereotype that I have actually taken off a shoe and thrown it at the television after watching an episode. Plus, the fact that they make her voice a chunky little emotionally dysfunctional chick is pretty damn obnoxious as well. A girl this cute playing that sad creature? Sorry, I don't dig it.

Lacey Chabert

Before Mila stepped in and took over the role of Meg, it was hottie Lacey Chabert who was doing the deed. It made slightly more sense to me to have her do the work, even if she's still too hot to play the role. Chabert has a long history of working as a voice performer, so the fact that she was hired on her ability and quality speaks volumes, even if they canned her after a season.

Fairuza Balk

I'm not really sure which character Balk voiced and I don't care to look it up, but since I was on a role with hot brunettes (my love of them is only slightly higher than the luscious auburn locks of say, Isla Fisher), I figured I would continue on it. True, Balk is a little more off the beaten path in the looks department, but her personality has always put plus points in her hottie box.

Who's your favorite Babe Voice of "Family Guy"?


Extra Tidbit: Last week's Battle of the Horror Babes was a selection of three favorite hotties by your favorite Arrow in the Head writers. Rose McGowan ended up the winner with 11 of the votes even though Asia Argento ran a close second with 8. Only one lone vote for Jennifer Ellison. Sorry, maybe next time, Walkuski.
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