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Battle of the Babes #69

09.10.2009by: Cherry Liquor

Wow. Battle of the Babe #69. Sixty-Nine straight weeks of me trying to come up with tantalizing options of three women to choose from, some with great links between them, some that fizzled. This week, I'm trapped in the claustrophobic heat that occurs during a September Indian Summer and while this week doesn't have anything to do with Tyler Perry or his new movie, I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF, it does have to do with a few of Hollywood's most well known burnt out bad girls. Base your opinion on when they were at their peak, if you will.

Lindsay Lohan

The reigning queen of bad, from bad clothing to bad relationship choices to bad self-tanning lotions, Lindsay Lohan, was once a huge up-and-comer. We all drooled at the blossoming rack, wondered if it was real or surgical. We marveled at her fighting with a younger Rachel McAdams in MEAN GIRLS. At some point, she crashed and burned. At some point, she thought it was a smart idea to ditch her trademark red hair. But in the end, LiLo most definitely had her hot years.

Mischa Barton

I might be alone in the field here, but I think Barton is a good actress. Her personal life is a complete mess, from a DUI conviction to marijuana possession to recent 5150 lock down. Where Mischa once ruled the roost, if temporarily, on the once popular teen drama series, "The O.C.," now she's the running joke of most bloggers. In the end, I stick to my start. I think she's a good actress. Laugh at me all you want.

Tara Reid

Poor Tara Reid. I don't even remember when the hype around her was anything but a bunch of messy gossip. Even in her AMERICAN PIE earlier years, there were the tales of the guys she was seen passing out with, the boozing, the hanging out with Paris Hilton. She's not a good actress either. So why include her on the list? Because when I think about Reid, I really do think that there was a girl in there who had a modicum of potential. Hell, I'll go ahead and say it... She was actually the best part of JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS. OK, so that's saying very little, but still.

Who's your favorite Done Bad All By Herself Girl?

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