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Battle of the Babes #67

08.27.2009by: Cherry Liquor

When people tend to start talking about European actresses, most of the time they want to get right into the Spaniards and the Italians because - let's face it - Latina women have bonus hotness before you even see them or listen to their lilting accents. So I thought that this week we could focus on some of the other just as hot actresses from other countries in the multi-faceted continent.

Diane Kruger

German born blonde beauty Diane Kruger pretty much was shoved into the hottie highlight by appearing as the infamous Helen in TROY. When you're the chick of legend whom men are willing to die fighting over, that kinda sets the bar pretty high. Currently the actress is in a relationship with Joshua Jackson and will be one of the few female characters in INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS. Well, unless you're more into Cloris Leachman than a hot German blonde.

Famke Janssen

She's nearly 45 years old, she's been Jean Grey as well as that hot possessed teacher in THE FACULTY (hey, I like that flick, alright?), Famke Janssen is Hollywood hotness born from a Netherlands beginning. If it weren't for the wacked out name, I think most of us would have forgotten she was foreign and adopted her as one of our own by now. Shit... unless Madonna threw in the paperwork for that so she can one-up Angelina on a European baby first. Heh.

Juliette Binoche

French women are supposed to be chic and sophisticated and a little above it all. Most of the time, I agree with that, but Binoche rises above and has managed to be just another regular woman who happens to be incredibly sexy. (I thought her casting in DAN IN REAL LIFE was a stroke of genius.) Oh, and she's that actress from THE ENGLISH PATIENT (one of my Top 5 Most Undeserving of an Best Film Oscar selections) who won the only acting award, mainly because she was the only person not going off the melodramatic handle. Oh, and she was the MILF who bagged Johnny Depp's gypsy character in CHOCOLAT. How can one not love that?

Who's your favorite European Hottie?

Source: IMDB


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