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Battle of the Babes #63

07.30.2009by: Cherry Liquor

There are a few things that seem to get everyone turned on. Hot teachers, hot men and women in military uniforms (although I'm not really included in that one) and chicks who play cheerleaders. Oh, and French Maid outfits. That crap is f*cking hella hot. But this week we're going to focus on cheerleaders.

Ali Larter

If you haven't watched the scene from VARSITY BLUES where Ali Larter strips down and offers herself as a human whipped cream with cherries on top sundae for Van Der Bighead, you really need to rent that movie. And the NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE where Chris "Flame On!" Evans reenacts it. (I still love that moment.) Sure, she's a hero now, but Ali will always be our first horny cheerleader who (stupidly) gets turned down.

Brooke Langton

I watched the original "Melrose Place" because I've always been a Heather Locklear fan. She's a California girl and back in the day, the producers of the show filmed down in the city that I grew up in, so I got to watch a couple scenes get filmed. That's where I remember Brooke Langton first, but her turn as the bartender slash hot ass cheerleader in THE REPLACEMENTS is how I have her burned into my memory. That cute bob haircut, the tits pushed malevolently together, her going along with the strippers who become her back-up cheer team. All of her in that movie was sheer hotness.

Zoe Saldana

I know that the main focus on Zoe Saldana at the time that DRUMLINE came out was that she wanted to be a dance major but her parents weren't having it. What most people tend to forget along the course of the movie is that she was, at her character's basic level, a cheerleader. She wore tight spandex, she shook her booty, she did that little stomp thing at the frat house which was oddly arousing. Zoe might not have been able to un-gay Spock, but she certainly got some drumsticks thrumming.

Who's your favorite cheerleader babe?

Source: IMDB


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