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Battle of the Babes #62

07.23.2009by: Cherry Liquor

Forget for a second about being hot for teacher. Imagine instead being hot for someone who held more power. Someone who wielded the ability to cut short your stay in high school whenever they so pleased. Someone who normally was male but on the rare, titillating occasion was that hot, buttoned up woman who you just couldn't wait to attempt to talk into breaking all the rules. The high school principal.

Melora Hardin

I was one of the people who got suckered into watching 17 AGAIN, mainly because I happen to like Matthew Perry and not because I'm a teeny-boppin' Zac Efron fan. (That and Thomas Lennon rocks.) But little did I know that Melora Hardin was going to leap off the screen and into my lap with her strict principal nature which was impervious to only those skilled with Elvish tongue. If you haven't seen the movie, it's a goof to watch just because there really wouldn't be any woman quite as hot as her running a school.

Bebe Neuwirth

I dig THE FACULTY probably more than I should. I like that John Stewart is in it. And Salma Hayek. And Jordana Brewster. And especially Bebe Neuwirth. I can't tell you what exactly it is about her, but I do know that I had previously grown up loving that she was the school counselor in SAY ANYTHING, the one who was free-wheeling enough to party with the teenagers. If Piven thinks he hears "Hug it out, bitch" a lot, I'd beg to differ that I deny people their keys more. But basically, Bebe is a Babe.

Sandra Oh

This one is stretching it a bit mainly because I thought of the first two so quickly that I had to search my brain for another female principal character and considering that I have this hot picture of Sandra Oh in my collection, I figured I could use her stint as the vice-principal in the original PRINCESS DIARIES to fill my quota. Hey... it had A*** Hathaway in it, so don't even try and judge. And Oh is exotically hot to me in a Canadian kind of way.

Who's your favorite Hot Principal?

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