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Battle of the Babes #59

07.02.2009by: Cherry Liquor

Is there anyone out there in this nutty JoBlo universe who remembers a time when David Lynch was the bizarre director de jour, gaining all the notoriety for making strange movies and successfully carrying over that formula (albeit briefly) to television when he made one of the small screen's most memorable mind-f*ck shows, "Twin Peaks." He mastered the confusion that Abrams relies on today. And Lynch knew how to cast his women. Too bad there seems to be a career curse over the best of them. Still worth looking at, though, don'tcha think?

Moira Kelly

A friend of mine recently spotted D.B. Sweeney taking his kid to ice hockey practice in L.A. and looking weary, as if mentally preparing himself for the quotes. Who can blame him? THE CUTTING EDGE was the movie where girls went ga-ga over a romance between two abnormally normal good-looking people fall for each other and the most they ever do is kiss at the very end of the movie. Trying to break away from that mold, Moira Kelly tried her hand at the role that Lara Flynn Boyle played on the television show when Lynch made FIRE WALK WITH ME, after it was speculated that Boyle didn't want to do nudity. Kelly has struggled with her career ever since. I imagine her sighing beside an event her children attend. I would too.

Sherilyn Fenn

All of my first, young, bisexual thoughts were about Sherilyn Fenn after watching that "Twin Peaks" episode of her in the cat house. She might have been the light eyed brunette who started it all for me. A Marilyn Monroe body that Lindsay Lohan can't copy (Fenn has just the right amount of meat on her bones with those lovely natural bewbs to go with), a giggly Betty Boop personality and... why didn't she stay popular? She had everything going for her visually but I guess wasn't taken seriously when it came to her looks. Pity. She looks wholesome and happy in current times, which is great and all, but I wish her boat to fame hadn't lost steam somewhere along the way.

Madchen Amick

For those other dorks like me who actually care, the answer to the question of where Madchen Amick went is, really, nowhere. She's stayed on television, most recently doing a stint on the quickly canceled Christian Slater show, "My Own Worst Enemy." She's also been on "Californication," another one of those you have to be cool enough to pay for cable shows that I'm not all that interested in watching and "Gossip Girl," one that I could watch for free and has plenty of babe action to draw me in, but I'm still not interested. I've always loved Amick's face though. If there's one thing that people should be able to agree on about David Lynch, it's his ability to spot a uniquely beautiful woman.

Who's your favorite forgotten David Lynch Beauty?

Source: IMDB


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