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Battle of the Babes #55

06.04.2009by: Cherry Liquor

The eyes, sometimes they really do have it. At least, that's what I've been noticing when I save Ultra-High-Quality images onto my computer and get to see the clumped mascara and eyeliner that all the fashion magazines play off as being certain "smudging" techniques to make your eyes look more "smoky." These actresses do the same, but they also possess peepers which could have nothing on them and they'd still stare through you to the back of your soul.

Kristin Kreuk

I didn't always pay close attention to Kreuk's eyes because I really didn't watch "Smallville" all that often and up until the disaster that was her CHUN-LI movie earlier this year, I didn't even realize what a unique color she has to her eyes. She's a mixed bag of Chinese and Canadian (correct me if I'm wrong, sometimes when a chick is hot, I just take it at face value and don't go looking up her pedigree) with dazzling greenish, goldenish orbs glowing in her head. Kinda hard to ignore, don'tcha think?

Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel's baby blues were so perfect that they were the center of the color attention in the mostly black and white cinema spectacular, SIN CITY. Sometimes I wonder if she could emote more than a paper bag if she had a gun to her head, but there's no denying that seeing that sharp contrast of true blue against her innocent and placidly beautiful face was anything but breathtaking.

Sophia Bush

Sophia, Sophia, Sophia. First of all, she's a California girl, born in Pasadena, so I love her for that reason alone. Then she speaks and has this chewed glass down her throat voice which is one of the few aspects of a woman that practically turns me lesbian on the spot. Then she's bestowed with these dark green eyes against the heavenly halo of brunette tresses which frame her high cheek-boned face. She's a winner... and that's even before you get to below the neck.

Who is your favorite Pretty Peepers Pollyanna?

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