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Battle of the Babes #50

04.30.2009by: Cherry Liquor

It's always amusing to me when a snot nosed preteen gives me that look of disgust that I practiced and perfected a whopping 20 years ago. Not to shatter anyone's illusions here, but I'm proud to have the wisdom and honed cynicism that comes with being in my 30's. I think I'll stay this age forever. Oh, and being the smart girl when I was growing up was something I always tried to hide but serves to my advantage these days. Thus spawned the idea behind this week's Battle of the Babes.

Rachael Harris

Is it wrong that the only thing I find unappealing about Harris is that she makes me spell her name with that extra A like the 30-Minute Meal lady? Or that I can't walk into a movie screening without recalling how she was the hot babe who sneaked in that bag of popcorn cakes and that I keep looking to see if she's in my theater? With THE HANGOVER in her near future, I'm hoping that little fantasy of mine will soon be coming true. Oh, and she's 42 and just coming into her own. What a hot late bloomer.

Tina Fey

Fey has become a bit of the ringer when it comes to hot talented nerd ladies in Hollywood, but to have a sexy nerd battle without her would be blasphemy. With THE INVENTION OF LYING coming out later this year and sporting Fey in the cast with Jason Bateman, Jennifer Garner, Jonah Hill AND Patrick Stewart, I'm sure there's going to be no shortage of dreams about the bespectacled hottie any time soon.

Amy Sedaris

What is wildly striking about Amy Sedaris isn't just that she turned 48 earlier this year on March 29th, it's that she has a rack which outshines JENNIFER'S BODY co-star, Megan Fox's. Seriously. Go google images of Amy Sedaris and marvel in the cleavage that the pint-sized blonde carries. She's a funny woman, a best-selling author and she failed first grade. Who the hell fails first grade? Why... this hottie does, that's who.

Call me ma'am if you want to. I don't mind. Pick a Sexy Nerd hottie at your own discretion.

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