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Battle of the Babes #49

04.23.2009by: Cherry Liquor

Chances are, if you're the movie going lover that you are, visiting and reading this site, you're most likely a guy. I'd love it if there were more women who spoke up and raised their voices about which female celebrities they'd most like to take a bite out of the ass of. Alas, while women love to drag their men to romantic comedies during the hot, hot summertime, they still won't give a detailed verbal outline of how they'd draw the alphabet on the celeb's nipples with their tongue. They'll drag their poor men to (usually) shitty, low-rent, predictable stories, but they won't make up any of their own. Now I'm just rambling. On to this week's battle.

Sandra Bullock

As much as I'd like to deny it, I actually love me some Sandra Bullock. Yeah, she has bitch face and according to some gossip, she's a supreme bitch in real life, but dammit, Sandy has always been a cutie. She's honestly the reason why I keep watching SPEED and DEMOLITION MAN. With her joke of a rom-com THE PROPOSAL due to hit theaters soon, here's to hoping she's maintained that innocent cute kookiness, despite robbing actual Canadian Ryan Reynolds from getting to say "aboot." (I just watched OBSERVE AND REPORT and loved hearing Rogen say "Soooareee.")

Jennifer Garner

No one can go wrong with Jennifer Garner. Not even Matthew McShirtless. While it looks stupid in just about every way possible, I still might catch a showing of GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST because I dig on Lacey Chabert and Breckin Meyer. Plus, you would have had to had a heart of cold stone to not love her quiet and sincere turn as the childless woman in JUNO. Even if you hated the movie's teenage slang, you had to appreciate and sympathize with her pain.

Katherine Heigl

Eh... I'm trying to think of something nice to say about Katherine Heigl. After a series of interview incidents where she called Apatow a sexist and talked smack about the writers for her show, "Grey's Anatomy," Heigl has been on the downlow, trying to regain her composure before debuting THE UGLY TRUTH to no doubt what might be sour audiences. I'll go just because Gerard Butler does something tingly to my happy spot. They'll most likely strip him of his accent (but I have Swank to thank for getting him to keep it natural in their movie, P.S. I LOVE YOU), but the man is just plain fine. Even if Heigl might not be.

Not my choice though. It's yours. Who's your favorite Rom-Com Hottie?

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