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Battle of the Babes #46

04.02.2009by: Cherry Liquor

I have been reading a lot about celebrity offspring lately. All these paparazzi shots of Bragelina's brood, or Jennifer Garner swinging Violet around at a play date. And let's not even get into who will win at the box office in 2020, Suri Cruise or Shiloh Pitt (I still think changing it around to Piloh Shit is funny, which is innately wrong, I know). But instead of talking babies, their stupid new names and all that, instead let's focus on the grown children of acclaimed stars who are now finding their own footing in cinema and television. Battle of the Second Generation, or Can you believe these guys had daughters this hot?

Katherine Waterston

You probably haven't heard about Katherine Waterston, although her dad Sam has been holding together the eternally dying drama "Law & Order" for more years than he should have felt obligated to. Now, I'll cop to the fact that I think she has one of those interesting faces where you don't think she's all that special at first. But I watched the dreadful THE BABYSITTERS and what she lacks in facial perfection she has achieved in the most perfect set of natural breasts (NSFW) I have seen in a very long time. Time nearly stops when you get to see those babies. I need a minute...

Spencer Grammer

I have mad respect for all the famous fathers who donated half the DNA to the women in this week's battle, in particular Kelsey Grammer, a man who has been dryly knocking out successful comedy for a very long time now. (And who was a very good looking man back when he was younger.) Now it's his 25 year old daughter Spencer who is lighting up the small screen, first with a long running character on the soap opera "As the World Turns" and more recently on the Family Channel college dramedy, "Greek." She's blonde, pretty and has great potential. And she hasn't been pimping the fact that she comes from Hollywood royalty, much like the more well known actresses (*cough*Kate Hudson*cough*) do, so more respect to her there.

Abby Elliott

Oh, I wish I had a more seductive picture of Abby Elliot without lifting one from a still of her on SNL. The thing that zaps me is that this gorgeous creature came from the very funny but extremely odd looking Chris Elliot. She's the third generation of her family's comedy vets, even though at 21 she's one of the youngest members of the long-running late night sketch show. (I believe that Anthony Michael Hall remains the youngest cast member.) Her glazed eyes impression of Angelina Jolie are priceless, she's a natural red head and she's f*cking funny. I doubt she was cast on the show just because her dad had worked on it years earlier. This girl obviously has chops (and thankfully, very good looks) of her own.

Who's your favorite Hot Little Daddy's Girl?


Extra Tidbit: I had to include another more traditional head shot of Abby, to prove my point on the looks thing.
Source: IMDB


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