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Battle of the Babes #45

03.26.2009by: Cherry Liquor

There's this French term, "Une belle laide," I believe it is (please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm only fluent in Spanish because I live in California). It basically refers to a woman who has a look that is beautifully ugly. Or ugly beautiful. I like to think of it as the women who don't look perfect, but have this certain something about them which makes them strangely attractive. (The male counterpart of this for me is Adrian Brody. Yes, I would do "The Nose.") So this week's battle is about those funny women out there on television today who are unconventional beauties.

Amy Poehler

Poehler is adorable. And she's one of the bravest bitches that I've ever watched on SNL, relentless in making fun of Hillary when she was running for the Democratic nomination, creating a great Barbie impersonation with Britney Spears as her "sister" Skipper (I liked Brit on SNL... I really did). Alongside Tina Fey, she propelled the movie BABY MAMA to the top of the box office and impressed critics considering that it was a film headed by a female comedy duo. Now on a new show, "Parks and Recreation," only a couple of months after giving birth to son Archie (on a Saturday night, natch), Poehler gives you that impression that she's not just a talented bitch, she could rock your world in other ways as well.

Jane Krakowski

In a galaxy long ago, back when I would watch shit that aired on the Fox network, I fell in love with the kooky secretary that Krakowski played on "Ally McBeal." While her career floundered after the show's demise and even though I haven't watched her on "30 Rock," I still have always looked at Jane and taken pause. She looks like a matured version of that gawky girl in your 7th grade math class. While not exactly perfect looking, she's got a certain something that goes beyond traditional beauty. Personality. Yeah, sometimes that shit actually does make a difference, fellas.

Jaime Pressly

Jaime Pressly became an emancipated minor when she was only 15 years old in order to travel to Japan and start a modeling career. Flash forward a few years and she became my favorite hard working chick who could knock out the white trash chick roles like a seasoned pro. One of the hardest working actresses in the business, pushing herself forward one piddly project at a time, insisting her own greatness until finally she was able to showcase it properly in "My Name is Earl," Pressly deserved that Emmy. She's got that strange voice, those slightly bugged out eyes and a smile that's a little too wide for her face. But tenacity counts for a whole helluva a lot. Oh, and she looks insanely good nude, which doesn't hurt. MILF, fo sho.

Who's your favorite Une belle laide? (Again, if I'm wrong with that translation, please correct me. Thanks.)

Source: IMDB


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