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Battle of the Babes #42

03.05.2009by: Cherry Liquor

OK, so the only thing that is really on people's minds this week is whether or not WATCHMEN will suck, how much it will or won't suck, how stupid everyone who doesn't agree with your opinion of the movie is and how much money it's going to make at the box office, thus insuring the possibility of future comic epics making it to the screen. (Not all that hard, considering everything that's on the agenda in the next few years.) So I decided to say that while I haven't seen the Snyder film yet, I'll admit that Malin Akerman looks wrong for Silk Spectre II. In an admittance that will make Thoo happy, I think Mary Elizabeth Winstead looked more like her from the jump. Here are some of my other favorite comic book heroines and my choices for who to play them. Feel free to add all of your choices and selections, or just pick a fave from these.

Natasha Henstridge

Henstridge has had a kid and is turning 35 later this year, but I think that just adds to the perfect combination to play Black Canary, the female in the Green Arrow's life. (The Green Arrow movie, as you most likely already know, has been named SUPER MAX and is slated for a 2010 release.) Earlier in her career, Henstridge proved that she could be brutally strong and incredibly seductive, but it's hers years and motherly body changes that give her the bust, hips and deeper sensuality in order to pull off BC.

Keshia Knight Pulliam

Ah, Vixen. That superheroine from the DC world whose power was to become in sync with the animal kingdom and be able to take on their abilities. One of the first black female super heroes to sort-of appear (DC reportedly was going to start her own series in the late '70's, but it was one of many that were killed off before distribution, then later brought back), she's been a part of the Birds of Prey and is now involved with the JLA. I'd like to see the very sexy, grown-up Keisha Knight Pullium cut her locks and slip into her slinky costume, as she not only has the body but the acting chops as well.

Rosario Dawson

What comic book character battle would be complete without Rosario Dawson as a selection? I actually find her to be plausible as Vampirella, a Harris Publications comic (Harris also produces King Magazine, but there have been varied reports about who Vamp really belongs to). Vampirella's been around since September of 1969 (yeah, baybee, yeah!) and today is often used as a cult figure for those chicks into the goth channel. But with the bewbs needed to fill out that costume and the sharp attitude to match, Dawson is the perfect choice for the sexy vampire.

So... there's my "They Should Get Their Own Movie" Superheroine Babe Battle. What say you?


Extra Tidbit: I've added images of the animated versions of the characters, in case you're not familiar with them.
Source: IMDB


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