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Battle of the Babes #4

05.29.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Lat week, I pitted former child stars against one another and asked you which you thought was hottest. The majority seemed to side with Drew Barrymore, but there also was an argument over whether a celebrity's personality could be factored in. This week, I'm taking 3 of Adam Sandler's hottest brunette co-stars and asking... which one is hottest?

Winona Ryder

In MR. DEEDS, Winona Ryder looked wildly out of place, as if she were befuddled as to how her once promising career lead her to playing second banana to the comedian. I'm not saying that Sandler's leading ladies can't hold up against him, but they all seem to possess that charm of being interchangeable with any other number of hot looking chicks. Still, her career and life plummet aside, Wino Forever still possesses those wide, gorgeous eyes and full, bouncy ta-tas.

Kate Beckinsale

This is another one of the Sandler women who confused me. Kate Beckinsale, while not quite the Hollywood darling that Ryder once was, still seemed WAY too hot to transition from a werewolf hunting vampire to the hen-pecking housewife in CLICK. Granted, Beckinsale is a mommy in real life, but I prefer to think of her as being that sizzling hot chick who could run in heels and make it look effortless at the same time.

Emmanuelle Chriqui

There haven't been a whole lot of career highlights for this dark-haired beauty, unless you're a fan of SNOW DAY. (I prefer to think of her as the chick with the Ben-Wa balls up her cooch in 100 GIRLS). Chriqui seems a great pick for her romantic interest role in YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN, as it doesn't require great acting muscle and lets her play with a thick Middle Eastern accent to go along with her exotic features.

But enough from me... who is YOUR favorite Adam Sandler brunette co-star hottie?

Source: IMDB


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