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Battle of the Babes #38

02.05.2009by: Cherry Liquor

I hate this time of year. I hate that the only new movies getting released in theaters are the crappy, bottom of your shoe, variety that you'd normally wait until they were released on DVD to watch but instead you choke them down because it feels unnatural going too long without seeing something on the big screen. I also hate that the only other movies running are the buzz-worthy award types. I hate the Hollywood hype machine, trying to tell me what is and isn't good. Sure, I loved THERE WILL BE BLOOD when I wasn't expecting to. But I also hated BABEL when I thought I'd be into it. That overly long sentiment aside, how about a Battle of the Supporting Babes this week?

Taraji P Henson

She was born on September 11th and much like the sad events associated with that date, Henson has been sadly overlooked as an actress up until her role as Brad Pitt's adoptive mother in THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON. After seeing her brilliantly and quietly take control of a movie like she did in HUSTLE & FLOW as the pregnant hooker in love with her pimp, I think it's sad that the Academy rarely recognizes black actresses unless they're poor, playing the maid or mother figure to a white family, or well... there aren't a lot of open opportunities for black actresses in the politics of the Oscars. Don't get me started.

Amy Adams

I adore pretty much everything about Adams and think it was peachy when the Academy reached out and gave her a nomination in the past for her quirky role in JUNEBUG a couple years back. But I also am not a fan of the politics of naming the quirky newcomer for a nod just because that's tradition. Why not acknowledge her cute but undercut with airbrushed cynicism portrayal of Giselle in ENCHANTED? I think Adams is great, even though I haven't seen the dramatic role for which she's been nominated in this year, as a newbie nun in DOUBT.

Penelope Cruz

Frankly, nothing has ever really impressed me about Penelope Cruz. I can't recall a movie she's been in that I watched and thought was a stand-out. Then again, I haven't watched many of her movies because they just haven't appealed to me. Woody Allen has been on my "automatically deduct 10 points before even watching the film" list of directors for a few years now (oh, come on... you all have people that cause you to do that prejudgment thing), so VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA wasn't high on my "To Watch" list. (Neither was her other nominated role, VOLVER.) But is Pene good looking? Heh... even that I'm undecided on.

But this isn't about me, it's about you... which Supporting Hottie is your favorite?

Extra Tidbit: Other options include Marisa Tomei and Viola Davis, in case you're not a fan of any of the three above.
Source: IMDB


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