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Battle of the Babes #35

01.15.2009by: Cherry Liquor

After featuring Zhang Ziyi getting her salad tossed on the beach last week, it was brought to my attention that I just don't feature Asian Hotties all that often. (Great comment by the way, DemonDan, had me laughing hysterically, so thanks. And Joel, I do my best to feature as many women of color as I can, but my opinion of good looking black women - Taraji P Henderson knocks my socks off - isn't always shared by others.) So damn it all to hell, I'm going to start trying to sit the Wonder Bread women at the back of the bus for a little while. Please email me with your personal favorites at: Now on with the show.

Devon Aoki

The first thing that I remember seeing Aoki in was the first sequel to THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS and I was struck by how a such a skinny chick could have such a full face. But as I've watched more movies that she's been in over the years, including SIN CITY and D.E.B.S., the latter of which she bucked traditional stereotypes and played an Asian spy chick who spoke French and was a bit of a nympho, the more respect I've gained for her. She's a smoldering kind of sexy that gets mixed in with her non-traditional looks, which I can completely get behind.

Crystal Liu

Under her IMDB profile, Crystal is listed as being Yifei Liu, but after wowing me, a skeptic when I walked into a showing of THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM at our local dollar theater because I was bored and stoned one afternoon, I am willing to call her anything that she likes. Sweet but doused with just enough of a biting charm to keep her interesting and not an automatic pushover, I would love to see her be in some more movies, American or not.

Jamie Chung

Later this year, Chung will be mesmerizing audiences in what will probably be the biggest box office earner of all time, DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION. OK, so I'm trying to make a funny there, but after looking up some images of this extrememly good looking woman, I'll admit that I'm more prone to going to see the movie now than I previously had been. With other credits including being a Hooters girl in I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK AND LARRY, I like that Chung is a part of the revolution that says that meaningless walk-on characters don't have to all be blue eyed blondes.

Which Asian dish do you find most satisfying?

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