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Battle of the Babes #27

11.06.2008by: Cherry Liquor

My brain has been fried this week. Last week, it was easier to pick selections because there was the whole ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO thing which got me thinking about sex which made me think about hot babes. But how do I bounce from that to another selection when all that's been buzzing loudly lately was the election? I mean, there IS the movie ROLE MODELS, which has lots of generic babes (Banks aside, although I think Jane Lynch would be a rockin' old lady to get it on with) in it. Ugh. OK, let's just go with random.

Thora Birch

She showed her underaged breasticles in AMERICAN BEAUTY and then showed her cynical, Steve Buscemi-boning side in GHOST WORLD. Something about Thora Birch has always confused and aroused me at the same time. I mean, once she got all womanly and shit. Not when she was a little girl. Because I'm sick, but not that sick.

Aishwarya Rai

I've only watched one of her movies, BRIDE & PREJUDICE, the Bollywood version of the old Jane Austen book. So I know very little about her acting aside from the fact that she's like the Angelina Jolie of the Bollywood set. And that she's impossibly beautiful in that untouchable kind of way. And no, not like in the caste system, in the Cast system.

Alexis Dziena

Dziena might look like she's only 14, but she's really 24 and she's got some good comedy chops even though I've only watched (and actually enjoyed) her in FOOL'S GOLD and NICK & NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST. She's set to star alongside Kristen Bell in next year's WHEN IN ROME, which I'll probably watch because, well... I like cute chicks who successfully pull off being funny and that movie would have two for the price of one.

Randomly, who's your fave of the bunch?

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