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Battle of the Babes #263: Michelle Rodriguez vs Gina Carano vs Summer Glau

06.27.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Holy frickin' Schmoe did we have a tight race last week when JLove and Amber Heard vied for the top spot and their third contender, Leven Rambin pretty much got shut out. It wasn't until the last couple of votes were cast that I could identify upcoming MILF, Jennifer Love Hewitt as the second entrant into the Queen of Texas Battle. Now it's time to look over three more and decides who moves on.

Michelle Rodriguez

I've love M-Rod since she was in GIRLFIGHT, a less-than-perfect looking young woman who had attitude to lift up a low-budget movie into what is now a cult success. The fact that she's grown more attractive as she's aged is impressive enough in and of itself. 22 years old can't touch her 35. Texans really do have that effect, eh?

Gina Carano

She went from someone I had no real clue of only a few years back to being right front and center after Soderbergh made her an insta-star by casting her in HAYWIRE. She has sexy-tough-chick vibes but the fact that when she fights it's REALLY her fighting is what pushes the appeal on this Texas flower.

Summer Glau

As people started reminding me from the first installment of the Texan ladies Battle, Summer Glau was going to have to turn up at some point. In the most recent media news, it seems as if Summer might be losing her "the internet won't let her lose" appeal to Alison Brie, but we already know Alison won the Queen of California battle. Will Summer move on and ultimately trump the rest of the Texas babes?

Round Three: Will you choose Michelle Rodriguez, Gina Carano or Summer Glau as your final entrant into the Battle for the Queen of Texas?

Source: IMDB


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