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Battle of the Babes #262: Amber Heard vs Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Leven Rambin

06.20.2013by: Cherry Liquor

To be honest, I did NOT see Selena Gomez coming out on top of last week's first round Battle of the Babes from Texas. Beyonce is a legend, Eva Longoria doesn't seem like a has-been and they're all from Texas! Isn't that the prerequisite for basic levels of starting hotness points that aren't given to hotties from other parts of the country? So who's going to be added to Selena this week? Take your time thinking about these 3 Texas-born babes.

Amber Heard

Cry all you want about how Amber Heard is a lesbian, it's not going to bother her one lick. She drives classic cars, makes out with her girlfriend in public (is that just easier to do when you're a famous person?) and has that Texan "like I give a crap what you think" demeanor that both scares and turns you on at the same time.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Might as well get in some attention to the long-loved Jennifer Love Hewitt before all the pregnancy pictures come out and then the mom jeans being worn again, only this time she'll actually be a mom. JLove still has the moves and has been on a rise lately, but do your pants agree to her being your choice this week?

Leven Rambin

Oh Leven, you're so not a seven. You might have been playing down-and-dirty roles for a long time, from "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" to your psychopathic turn as Glimmer in THE HUNGER GAMS and this summer doing it again as Clarisse La Rue in PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS (I've already seen it and they try to rough up her beauty in that too) but you are a mega-sized, they grow them hot in Texas kinda gal.

Round 2 in the Queen of Texas Battle: Do you go with Amber, Jennifer or Leven?

Source: IMDB


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