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Battle of the Babes #260: Anne Hathaway vs Emmy Rossum vs Kate Mara

05.30.2013by: Cherry Liquor

You DAW fans definitely know how to pull it out at just the right time. For awhile there it was looking as if Michelle Trachtenberg had last week's Battle all wrapped up but then the "True Blood" star's fans came out to knock MichT from her 16 vote lead (Hayden Panties didn't do too awful, with 11 votes) and smashed it by casting 19 for the red-headed vamp. This week, I thought we'd go in a direction of similar styles but very different New York Babes. Make this one count, folks!

Anne Hathaway

Sometimes, in just the right light with just the right dress and just the right styling, the short hair on Anne Hathaway works for me. I still miss her long, luscious locks regardless, even if she had to pull a Theron in order to win the Oscar she so obviously wanted with grand desperation. I've always liked Anne, even when she's had ups and downs in her career, I just don't jive with the blatant award fishing, yannow?

Emmy Rossum

I think it's safe to put Emmy Rossum in the dictionary for what most Americans think that classy New York broads look like. She has the poise, the grace, the classic style. She's gorgeous and brunette and thin and leggy. She can sing, dance, act. She walks the streets of New York looking like a carefree puppy off its leash when the paps take her picture. Oscars, Emmys, oh my.

Kate Mara

Personally, I'm down with the Mara angle on the New York side of things. While she might not have the withering super model frame of her sister Rooney, I love Kate's curves, her tender brutality in some of the roles she's brought to life and those eyes that can see all the way into the back of your soul. Whammo.

Round three of the New York Babe Battles: Anne, Emmy, Kate, four letters, one choice. What's yours?

Source: IMDB


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