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Battle of the Babes #257: Moon Bloodgood vs Angelina Jolie vs Rashida Jones

05.02.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Check it: I should have known that my first set of Cali girls was going to be a landslide win for Alison Brie considering that the thing is to like what everyone else likes and hate what everyone else hates and some such nonsense. But I loved last week's Battle and how there were those of you swinging and stumping for all three, even if in the end, that show people are starting to think it's cool to hate on ended up with its lead female, Kaley Cuoco as the top babe, besting second-comer Sophia Bush. Now it's time to start seeing what colors y'all are really made of. Winner of this battle continues to next week's final with Alison and Kaley, don't forget.

Moon Bloodgood

While the popularity of her show "Falling Skies," seemed to fall rapidly, Moon Bloodgood has been keeping a good grip on a legion of fans who are looking forward to her getting back in the game after having just given birth last December to her first child, daughter Pepper. (The burning question: is the middle name Potts?) The other debate is that the actress has claimed to have been born in Anaheim, California but according to whomever is screwing with her IMDB page info, it lists Nebraska. Since Moon's mom is Korean, I'd venture the likelihood of her being born a Cali girl is more true. I SAY SO BECAUSE I WANT HER IN A CALI BATTLE, DAMMIT!

Angelina Jolie

Being born the daughter of a model and a well-respected actor makes it fairly easy to not suspect the Los Angeles, California birthplace of Angelina Jolie. Before we get into what happened to her and when and what she looks like now and so on and so forth, Angie is a major force. She might be bat-shit crazy (in a good way at times, in a bad way in others) and have some serious saviour issues, but she's still Angelina muthaf*ckin' Jolie, dig?

Rashida Jones

Born to a major music mogul and his not-as-famous-as-she-would-have-liked-to-have-been actress wife (for the record? Peggy Lipton is still pretty damn fine to this day, Rashida Jones has been able to take the hipster world by storm by being so hard-to-define. Gorgeous woman, huge brain, questionable ethnicity based on quick glance alone. She can act, write and produce. It's only a matter of time before she becomes the second woman to with a Best Director Oscar. And perhaps even less time to make it to the third position in Cali's Queen of Babes.

You can't go wrong with any choice here - will it be Moon, Angelina or Rashida?

Source: IMDB


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