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Battle of the Babes #255: Blake Lively vs Alison Brie vs Vanessa Hudgens

04.18.2013by: Cherry Liquor

It took some time but we came up with a winner in the Battle of Hottest Women Currently on TV. This time I'm aiming to start crowning a few queens. Being that I'm from the west coast, I thought I'd start over here and we'd spend the next 4 weeks narrowing down a selection of 9 different Cali babes to one, single Queen of California. We'll move on to actresses born in other states along the western border (suggestions are welcome, but I had had my eye on Washington and Oregon), and by the time we're through, we'll have an Empress of the west coast. I'll cover the mid-west, the east coast, and we'll even work our way into Canada, America's Hat. Sound good? Let us start here...

Blake Lively

Tall, blonde, built, beautiful and married to Ryan Reynolds. Can't say that Blake Lively hasn't got too much working against her in life. The blonde was born in Tarzana to a showbiz family and has been holding her own in the scheme of things. But how does she hold up against...

Alison Brie

If you're ever around Los Angeles, the birthplace of Alison Brie, take a trip over the The New Beverly at some point and walk around the neighborhood to get a feel for the strong Jewish community there. Now put a picture in your mind that a child-aged Brie was cast as Toto, the dog from The Wizard of Oz, in a school production. I highly doubt anyone would want to put in that kind of role again. But she's not the only Cali girl here...

Vanessa Hudgens

Born in Salinas, California, Vanessa Hudgens is the sprout that the state is becoming more known for. A mix of Filipino, Chinese, Irish, American Indian and Spanish, Hudgens represents most prominently how integrated our state has become, an array of the best parts of everything and no longer just the Malibu Barbie vision of yesteryear.

The first of the semi-finals for Queen of California are before you... who moves on??

Source: IMDB


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