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Battle of the Babes #254: FINALS!! Jenna Fischer vs Lauren Cohan vs Olga Kurylenko

04.11.2013by: Cherry Liquor

I want to give some acknowledgement to all of you for being so actively involved in the recent battles that have been going on for the past couple of months. It's taken a long time to whittle down 3 of the hottest women on the basic cable channels, the other than the big 3 cable channels and the pay to view their potential nudity channels. Kaley Cuoco was beaten out by the closest margin, losing to Lucy Liu in the first round of CBS Hotties. Then Lucy was bested by Jenna Fischer by 2 votes and cast out of the finals. A number of these have been ridiculously close. Now it's time. You've got to determine which of these TV women is your chosen "Hottest of Television's All."

Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer's butt is news in and of itself. It's the only time that she's posed showing this much skin. "The Office," star has been know to get cute with lingerie costumes or that one cover of WIRED magazine where her body was covered in nothing but yellow Post-Its. She's got personality, amazing comedic timing and exudes the essence of "cool chick." But will Jenna be the best of the best?

Lauren Cohan

With the popularity of "The Walking Dead," it could have been easily posited that Lauren Cohan took the AMC battle a little too easily. But every Lauren fan piped in that she was more than just Maggie. She has a large carry-over fan base from her stint on "Vampire Diaries," where Nina Dobrev might have taken the CW title but was no comparison to Lauren. How will our soon-to-be Mrs Rhee fair in the battle to the finish?

Olga Kurylenko

I am of the party that goes with the "Olga Kurylenko is a majestic beauty of no comparison" camp. I wasn't the only one who showed up to this rodeo thinking the same thing, as Kurylenko swept the Starz battle and then beat fellow semi-final pay cable competitor Emmy Rossum for a win and a place in the finals.

Call yo wife, call yo kids, call your grandpa too and get down to finalizing the golden medal for hottest babe currently on the hottest TV.

Source: IMDB


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