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Battle of the Babes #251: Lucy Liu vs Jenna Fischer vs Stana Katic

03.21.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Here's where I get to start pointing blame at you guys if you don't like the Battles for the upcoming weeks. Why's that? Because we've finally reached the semi-finals on the hottest babes on TV, and you all are the ones who crowned each of these ladies tops for ABC, NBC and CBS. For the major network win, who of these three will it be? Remember, whoever comes out the winner here moves on to the finals to determine who you all think is the current hottest woman on TV.

Lucy Liu

She beat out "The Big Bang Theory" star Kaley Cuoco in the first round of battles by only one measly vote, but that was enough to put "Elementary" star, Lucy Liu into contention for the semi-final, major prime-time networks, battle. Do her freckles still stay stuck to the ceiling of your mind? Is she still the Asian dominating your fascination? Can she beat out...

Jenna Fischer

This woman looked MILFy long before she became a mama and now she's gone and made herself legit. I wasn't sure if it would be enough to pull her ahead of other NBC heavyweights, but Jenna Fischer still has nerdgirl power over y'all something fierce. Not that she hasn't earned it. Jenna's been in horror movies, dramas, comedies and manages to constantly amaze. But pit her against...

Stana Katic

Dude, you "Castle" fans went all vegan or Whovian rage monster on me when I described Katic's character as a cookie-cutter cop type and made the declaration that I figured the show first gained attention simply because of co-star Nathan Fillion's devout fan base. Seems that the Stana fans could rally and beat the tar outta the former space cowboy. But will they (you?) have the power to push Katic to the ultimate semi-final win?

For the juice: which major network babe should move on to battle it out with the other hottest of the hots?

Source: IMDB


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