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Battle of the Babes #248: Emilia Clarke vs Allison Williams vs Deborah Ann Woll

02.28.2013by: Cherry Liquor

The ladies of The CW were a good match-up, many people seemed strong in their opinions, leaving a result which earned Nina Dobrev a spot in the semi-finals match but with Bilson and Cassidy having gotten close and tied with one another. Now it's time to start paying our dues with pay cable beauties, starting with the cable juggernaut HBO.

Allison Williams

The show "Girls" has to be one of the most intriguing things that they've been brave enough to put out on television in a long time. It's not all glamour and no... it's not always funny. But it's raw and real, unflinching and tempestuous, as many of its stars are as well. Allison Williams is one of the "prettier" girls on the show, even if - in my opinion - she's not the most captivating character.

Emilia Clarke

Forgive me for while I know that Dani is an icy blonde on "Game of Thrones," I am just far too taken with how gorgeous Emilia Clarke is in her natural brunette state. The fact that Clarke came from nearly nowhere to be the hottest draw on a very popular show, is fantastic. All that skin she continually shows makes her even hotter. Oh, and the fact that she can act...

Deborah Ann Woll

It might be easy to claim that the character of Jessica was added to "True Blood" to give some youth to the show, but initially Jess was all that youth is shackled with - annoying characteristics that we loved leaving behind us that will forever be a part of the character's personality. Thankfully, Deborah Ann Woll makes Jessica far more interesting than any permanent teenager should be. Her hotness happens to be a bonus.

Which HBO babe makes your cable plan expand?

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