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Battle of the Babes #248: Lauren Cohan vs January Jones vs Anna Gunn

02.07.2013by: Cherry Liquor

The real question regarding last week's Battle of the ABC hotties was whether Stana Katic would have had as big of a win as she did had I not pissed off the "Castle" fans. Tampering with the voting pool? Who, me? Nah, I didn't intend that. But I did shift around a battle so that it could coincide with this weekend's return of my favorite AMC show. Will it tamper with the results?

Anna Gunn

Years ago, I probably would have defended Anna Gunn for beinga strong "non-cookie-cutter" type when she starred on "The Practice," had I been all that interested in trolling the internet. I've also enjoyed checking her out on "Deadwood," (although you can blame my love of Timothy Olyphant for even bothering with that show - I'm a chick who likes dudes, sue me) but it's been "Breaking Bad," that took Gunn to a whole other level. Part housewife and part cold-hearted cheating wife, she rocks as Skyler White. You can hate some of her actions but you can't ignore her one bit.

January Jones

I decided to go with one of the less popular figures from "Mad Men," in that I decided to feature January Jones in the AMC Battle instead of Christina Hendricks. Why? Because some of you fans are incapable of looking beyond your own nose with your infatuations. Jones is gorgeous, why wouldn't she be featured in an AMC battle, just because Hendricks has this big-boob thing going on. It's as if people can't forget she was on "Firefly." (*chuckle*)

Lauren Cohan

No lie, I love Lauren Cohan as Maggie on "The Walking Dead." I'm jealous of the face and groin time that Maggie gets to make with Glenn. I'm through and through a Double D (Daryl Dixon can meme all over me any time he wants) lover but if I have to pick from the women of the living, Cohan is the gal kiss just to lick Glenn's sweat off her lips.

Time to pick: Which AMC hottie scorches your not-so-remote control?

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