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Battle of the Babes #243: Cuoco vs Liu vs Righetti

01.17.2013by: Cherry Liquor

Since you all seemed to get into the spirit when I did a battle of the Jewish actresses (brunettes one week, blondes the next, redheads after that until we came to the finale and the winner was NATALIE PORTMAN!! with 17 votes out of the 38 cast), I thought that it might be a cool thing to continue doing. This time I'm going to pit major network babes (CBS, NBC, ABC) in the first bracket and more "minor" network babes (FOX, AMC, The CW) in the second bracket, then the top pay-cable babes (HBO, SHOWTIME and... uh, you pick the third and I'll use it!) and then you can decide who the hottest babe from the top currently broadcast shows is. Sound good? I certainly hope so.

Kaley Cuoco

Just how many of you feel about NattieP, I have similar feelings towards Kaley Cuoco. She's a local girl (to me), she's funny as f-u-knowtherest on "The Big Bang Theory," she's sexy in that quirky way and she's just plain awesome in my book. It would be hard for me to have a TV babe who didn't rank hotter than Kaley. But then again, there's...

Lucy Liu

Most successful on television, it seems this Lucy Liu creature is. From gaining attention back in the 1990's when she joined the cast of "Ally McBeal" to currently shooting up temperatures on the very popular new show, "Elementary," this is one little hot & spicy dish who won't be falling off the grid so long as people tune in. Lucy gets a lot of recognition for being one of the most recognizable Asian actresses these days, but what about other, low-profile hotties like...

Amanda Righetti

I won't say that I'm a sucker for redheads in the sense that I think they're all sexy (let's face it, a great deal of them are not) but I will say that there's something compelling about a redhead who can take the backburner and get things heated up. As a regular but more minor character on "The Mentalist," Amanda Righetti is regularly fulfilling her hot detective duties, getting cast into the more intriguing side-plots that the show has going on. And she's super-duper babe-a-licious.

Time to pick: Which CBS babe here makes your Nielsen rise?

Extra Tidbit: The total tally that I had for last week's Jew-off was Portman with 17, Dianna Agron with 10, Isla Fisher with 7 and 3 double posts... Watch those refresh buttons, Schmoes!
Source: IMDB


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