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Battle of the Babes #240: Agron vs Johansson vs Refaeli

12.27.2012by: Cherry Liquor

I am so far behind on Hanukkah and I think I've come up with a great idea to make it up for the long-suffering tribe. I'm going to bring to you a set of HOT BRUNETTE JEWS this week, blondes, the following, redheads after that. The winner of each week will compete in a fourth week where the ultimate hot Jewish babe will be crowned. These are my choices for you to pick from. If you have a favorite, you better angle for her NOW!

Dianna Agron

If it hadn't been for "Glee," I guess we might not have come to see so much of or learn so much about Dianna Agron. Turns out this all-American looking hottie got some Jew in her, and I'm not referring to any of her ex-boyfriends. Between Agron and Teresa Palmer, they saved I AM NUMBER 4 for me and seeing as how next year she's got a primo role in Luc Besson's MALAVITA (alongside DeNiro, Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones), she's ready to stand with the big boys and girls. Personally, I think she is positively, unequivocally gorgeous. A vision of total perfection. And I HATE "Glee."

Scarlett Johansson

I wit back and wonder if this is going to boil down to a "duh" Battle where all of you decide to pick which of the choices you feel is safest and will keep the ire of the other fanboys off you. Scarlett Johansson is most indeed a beautiful Jewish woman but she's never going to end up buried in a Jewish cemetery with that fugly "Lucky" tattoo she got inked on her ribcage. I question her choices, between the crappy art to the crappy choices she's made in men (especially post divorce when she went through that Sean Penn stage - he's a great actor but that doesn't mean he gets to screw one of Hollywood's hottest actresses whom is young enough that he could be her father). But hey, you make the decisions around here, not me.

Bar Refaeli

Gotta go with the draft dodger when I come up with a list of only three hot Jewish babes. Getting married to a griend (gay friend) so she could avoid the mandatory military duty she was facing, then getting Leo to settle down for longer than most (and consider doing the right thing by her family's religious standards before probably deciding that as great as she was, that whole concept is draining). Bar has been one of the most eye-catching models in recent years, with more class than some (I like Kate Upton, I just easily see her turning into Anna-Nicole Smith) and more poise than others (she doesn't make a huge fuss if she gets photographed nude on vacation. She's understanding that people have jobs to do and dismisses the "violation" of her privacy like she just don't give a good rabbi-damn, and I like that). Hot blonde Jew - here's your cover model.

Which is your choice of hottest blonde Jew?

Extra Tidbit: As I predicted would happen, Natalie Portman garnered the most votes from last week's Battle of the Brunette Jew Babes. What surprised me was that while she gained nearly half of the total votes, the other contenders, Kat Dennings and Emmy Rossum had identical love from their fans as well, getting equal votes apiece. So PORTMAN moves on to the final Hottest Jew Battle coming up in two more weeks!
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