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Battle of the Babes #24

10.16.2008by: Cherry Liquor

I think I just type stuff for myself to read sometimes. It took like TEN comments before someone took the bait on me asking you what the connection was. Yeah, I know looking at hot bitches is more fun than the words and junk, but I LIKE to play games. Play with me again? What's the connection between this week's battling babes?

Zoe Saldana

Am I the only person who chooses to remember that Jack Sparrow had it good in the first installment of the Disney franchise when Saldana played his pissed off former girlfriend, Anamaria? I missed her the most in the following botched sequels. And dammit, I would have recruited Tom Hanks to win over her Trekkie ass in THE TERMINAL too. She is such a slice of heavenly pie, I can't even contain myself. And now she's going to play Uhura in the upcoming STAR TREK. I f*cking love it.

Piper Perabo

When COYOTE UGLY first started its promotional spree, we all laughed. And the movie wasn't really a box office success. Still, it remains one of a large number of people's guilty pleasures and a good portion of that lies with Piper. Hell, you know you watched the CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN remake just because she was in it. You might have even braved BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA for her. (How else can you explain the box office take on that flick?) Admit it... Perabo gives you a soft-on with just a hint of that Julia Roberts-ish smile of hers.

Jordana Brewster

You know you're going to go watch the fourth installment of THE FAST & THE FURIOUS franchise. And don't give me any BS about how it'll be for Vin or Paul. (Those are my reasons and you can't have them.) Jordana Brewster is probably one of the hottest young actresses who just doesn't get enough play in films and I'm happy that the original cast is coming back for part 4. She has her downsides (she once was a regular fixture on Marky Mark's arm) but she makes up a lot of space when you think back to her as Delilah in THE FACULTY. (Most. Underrated. Flick. EVER.)

Who's your favorite hottie of the bunch?

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