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Battle of the Babes #236: Hitchcock Hotties Battle

11.29.2012by: Cherry Liquor

I haven't seen it yet and I understand that the reviews have been somewhat mixed but I must say that I'm happy and excited that they made the movie HITCHCOCK if only to give me an excuse to take my dad to the movies. See, he's the one who insisted that I sit through what I thought were old, boring, B&W movies and see them for what they were eternally worth, not something that a lot of current cinema offerings can say 50+ years after release. Plus, he's still hurting over getting confused about why Will Smith and Kevin James would be in a biopic about... yeah, like my dad's that dumb. Ha.

Janet Leigh

I decided that I would use the original women who inspired the roles currently played by a couple of modern day hotties, starting with ScarJo's OG version, Janet Leigh, one of the stars of PSYCHO. I'm not going to make any commentary on that movie but I'm going to remind everyone that this is Jamie Lee Curtis' mom and now we all know where that hereditary rack came from. Leigh is most classically connected with Hitchcock even though the man was loyally married to his wife Alma Reville (as played in the movie by the classy Helen Mirren) from 1927 until his death in 1980.

Vera Miles

Also appearing in PSYCHO but never referred to in great detail as Leigh has been over the years is the gorgeous Vera Miles, the other actress from the film and woman that Jessica Biel is reincarnating for the biopic. Miles has a long resume and seems to have originated the icy blonde stereotype that was common amongst Hitchcock's mid-career movies. Vera worked with Alfred on other films including THE WRONG MAN as well as an episode of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," the director's celebrated television show that rivaled "The Twilight Zone" in old school thrills & chills.

Grace Kelly

While I'm uncertain (and it's unverified on the IMDB page for the flick) if Grace Kelly has a new counterpart, I still want her included in this battle. It was Kelly in that magnificent dress in REAR WINDOW, the first A.H. movie my dad coerced me into watching (because little girls, no matter how tomboyish, love fancy dresses) who sold the stereotype of being a Hitchcock babe. Cool and porcelain in appearance, Kelly was a regular actress for the director and brought a classiness to horror movies that has yet to be rivaled since. In a way, I hope she never is, if only to bring more youngsters into the world of Alfred Hitchcock.

Which old school Hitchcock babe makes your little Hitchcock stand at attention?

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