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Battle of the Babes #235: Sexiest DILFs Battle

11.22.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Happy (American) Thanksgiving! For those women who need a break from all of the festivities that we end up responsible for, here's but a small list of the famous DILFs that I am smitten with. I understand that there are others and you can add your favorites in the comments, but for now, I think I have a strong group of competitors. For those dudes who get offended by a battle of other dudes, don't you worry. The other 51 weeks in the year are alllllll for you.

Ben Affleck

I always have liked Ben better than Matt, even if DAY-MON was an awesome Jason Bourne. Sure, DAY-MON is a daddy too, but between Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, you can see the strength of family love. With daughters Violet & Seraphina helping to kick off the DILFness in Ben, earlier this year the clan finally added a baby brother back in February with son Samuel. Still, there's just something about a man who carries around his little girls with such protectiveness and care.

David Beckham

I don't give a flip about soccer or futbol or whatever you want to call it. I never was a fan of the Spice Girls. But Posh and Becks have made it a trend to pop out beautiful children every so many years, making David Beckham look ever more dapper and sensational holding a baby than he does kicking a ball. After 3 boys, daughter Harper brought back the suited dad in Becks and I couldn't love it more. Just so long as the man is never allowed to open his mouth and utter a word, I'm a huge DILF fan of his.

Norman Reedus

Prior to being cast in "The Walking Dead," I might have most commonly been heard referring to Norman Reedus as "the other Boondock Saint." Now I have a full-blown, humiliating Daryl Dixon addiction. I download images, follow him on Twitter, make up memes. With his baby mama being Helena Christensen the super model (Reedus got his start as a print model before getting into acting), it's no wonder that Mingus Reedus ended up so cute. Hell, with a name like Mingus, his parents owed it to him. But to make himself even DILFier, Norman hasn't been running out making lots of other babies and consistently is involved in his son's life, maintaining a more than amicable relationship with his ex. If that doesn't define a hot dad, I'm really rather uncertain of whether I need to shoot you in the head with an arrow or not.

Which celebrity dad would you most like to cage fight me for over the right to bed?

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