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Battle of the Babes #233: Classic Bond Babe Battle

11.08.2012by: Cherry Liquor

So, uh... SKYFALL, eh? Being that I'm not a diehard Bond fan, I have to admit that the majority of the time that I appreciated watching a Bond movie was sitting around with my dad, who happens to be a much bigger fan of the franchise. Seeing as how his generation grew up with different Bond ladies than Bérénice Marlohe, I thought we could take a look through three of the classic Bond ladies who sparked the hotties trend back in the day.

Claudine Auger

There's a reason why Domino is such a favorite character and most of it can be found in gorgeous former Miss France, Claudine Auger. Trading quips with Connery in 1965's THUNDERBALL, ("So... what sharp little eyes you have.." "Wait until you get to my teeth."), Domino is one of the few characters who was resurrected nearly 20 years later and played instead by Kim Basinger, in NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN. This proves to me that Auger made the impression and Hollywood deemed her not worthy enough to reprise her role while Connery could. Hollywood, you misogynist scamp, you!

Honor Blackman

Just a year before Domino became a memorable character, it was the surprising choice to have them allow the character name of Pussy Galore assigned to actress Honor Blackman in 1964's GOLDFINGER. One of the sharpest chicks in the franchise, she was also the most resistant to Bond's womanizing charms, often getting speculation as to whether the character was a lesbian. Blackman is turning 85 on 12-12-12 of this year and is still lining up work, including this year's release, COCKNEYS VS ZOMBIES with Michelle Ryan.

Ursula Andress

The very first Bond babe. The very first babe for most people. Hell, Andress was cast in CLASH OF THE TITANS at the age of 45, playing Aphrodite in the movie and baring the child of her much younger co-star, Harry Hamlin, only 2 years prior to the production of that movie. But as Honey Ryder in 1962's first official Bond film, DR. NO, she set the bar for what a Bond girl should look like, represent and solidified a place in Hollywood history by emerging from the ocean in the immortal bikini with belt, a scene later replicated in DIE ANOTHER DAY, a later Bond flick where Halle Berry does the deed in similar but orange colored bikini and white belt.

Which classic Bond babe belongs in your personal hall of hottie greatness?

Source: IMDB


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