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Battle of the Babes #232: John C Reilly's Babes Battle

11.01.2012by: Cherry Liquor

I haven't been all excited about the movies which have been getting released recently but for whatever itch at the back of my brain, I really want to go see WRECK-IT RALPH. I suppose it's because I'm old enough to remember when we could go to the arcade and play these low bit games. Maybe because it's nice that John C Reilly has become such a big name that he's recognizable by voice and that lately, most of the women he's cast with are complete babes. Rooting for the underguy is always fun.

Jenna Fischer

When they decided to make a parody movie regarding WALK THE LINE by casting Reilly in a Johnny Cash type of role and giving him his own Reese Witherspoon in the form of similarly funny Jenna Fischer, most likely the only woman up to the challenge of being as tongue-in-cheek funny as Reilly can be. Except in this movie. I couldn't get into it like most of you would like to get into Jenna.

Jennifer Aniston

Around the time that I watched THE GOOD GIRL, there was a lot of deep shit going down in my life and the movie echoed some of the choices that need to be made in a boring, tow-the-line lower-class lifestyle. Perhaps one of the only movies that Jennifer Aniston felt truly REAL in, she was married to the pot-smoking, sometimes housepainting Reilly and did the best friend the favor of a, well, not sure if it could be referred to as pity fucking, but if you've watched the movie, I've found that everyone had a different response to that scene, so make your own judgments.

Marisa Tomei

In one of the only movies that I didn't find Jonah Hill completely repulsive in (yes, the character is repulsive in his own way but at least it seemed like correct casting for once regarding Hill and his creepiness), Johnny C.R. was getting some action from the clingy mom type in Marisa Tomei. I liked that this was the movie where she didn't look her hottest. I liked that these were all f*cked up people who had come to be f*cked up together. Oh, I should probably mention that the movie is called CYRUS. I get started on Jonah Hill and the only thing that could distract me more from my loathing of him is my complete and utter distaste for Channing Tatum,

Which John C. Reilly babe would you most like to luck out with?

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