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Battle of the Babes #227: Battle of the Backsides

09.27.2012by: Cherry Liquor

As far as I'm concerned, I think the promotional saturation that goes on for movies such as HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA is what kills the mood on what could potentially be a cute family film. You feel dragged to it by the kids who want to get every Happy Meal toy that goes along with the film, the trailers keep quoting voice actors' names because they know the parents are listening, hoping for a little something to hold onto to get them through the movie. Having something to hold on to is a nice thing. These ladies have a whole lot to hold on to.

Nicole "Coco" Austin

Thou shall not mock Coco. When this became one of the prerequisites for staying my friend (don't bother asking if I have a lot of friends - I don't, but I sure do love having a bevel of acquaintances), I'm not sure. I love me some Coco. I love that she's fearless and crazy, innocence personified with her tits and ass hanging out. I love that she's been with the same man for well over a decade and is as devoted to him as he is to her. And frankly, I like that big, realistically dotted with cellulite ass. Life is not Photoshop, boys. You really need to get out more.

Kim Kardashian

I can't find two pictures where Kim Kardashian's ass looks the same size. I've searched through the vast ocean of images available and can't decide just how big this chick's ass really is. Granted, you can tell it's got size to it. You can tell it's got shape to it. You know she's known for it. Being that I've never met her personally, I refuse to declare her the ass queen until I've been allowed to touch it, coat it in flour and deep fry it. That's how you can tell you've got good ass. Right?

Vida Guerra

I'm really not all that familiar with Vida Guerra other than the fact that I first heard of her when I started working for this site because all the dudes were into her and her leaked nude pictures. Then came the Playboy spread. Now? Not quite sure what she does now and don't feel motivated enough to look it up. I'll say this, out of the three chicks in the battle today, she has the most interestingly shaped ass. As if "Apple Bottom Jeans" was a phrase created for her.

Which ass creates the most mass in your pants?

Source: IMDB


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