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Battle of the Babes #226: Curvy Cuties Battle

09.20.2012by: Cherry Liquor

I know there's a movie getting a limited release called ABOUT CHERRY. In case any of you go out of your way to check it out, I just want to warn you that the movie has nothing to do with me. Then again, TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE, a movie about baseball and an old dude who talks to empty chairs, has nothing to do with the greatness that these three ladies bring to the world on an every day basis.

Hayley Atwell

I think I recall someone referring to Hayley Atwell as being the British version of Christina Hendricks and I have to say that I strongly disagree. While Hendricks takes some mighty great Photoshopped pictures, she doesn't look a fraction of as sexy as Atwell does when photographed candidly. This woman, wonky nose and all, is a sex goddess who must have more than two legs stored somewhere to support all the top heavy weight she's got going on. A delicious departure from other superhero heroines in movies of late, I'd love to see her get a Gina Carano type of role to kick some more hardcore ass.

Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings can do no wrong in my book. Thanks to the ex-boyfriend who decided to leak the topless pictures of the "2 Broke Girls" star, we now all know just how fabulous real and fabulously fabulous Kat's sweater kittens are. I don't care if she doesn't smile for pictures. I like her full-lipped pout. If I can be crude for a second, I look at that mouth and see a woman who gives great head. Sorry, couldn't help myself. It's really what I see!

Kate Upton

Not nearly as curvy all over as she is in the bustline, Kate Upton has been taking heat for supposedly being one of the "heavier" models currently on the hot employment list. I don't foresee a great future for her, mainly worrying that she looks to eerily close to Anna Nicole Smith during the high times of her career. Then again, Kate's already one up on her by not having already turned herself into a teen mom. And while some dresses might deceive for her overall body look, this is still a woman who has the curves where they count.

Which babe would you like to drift over the curves of?

Extra Tidbit: Honestly, I keep spazzing on results from previous battles. Plus, it got tiresome if I missed one vote and the anal-retentive police cracked down on me like I'd beaten a retarded child.
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