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Battle of the Babes #225: 10th Reunion Babes

09.13.2012by: Cherry Liquor

I'm conflicted. This is often the case in my overworked and underutilized for important shit brain. Not a shit brain, unimportant shit that my brain shouldn't have to focus on. By now you're probably guessing that I'm not invited to any of my high school reunions. But back to my original point. How is it that I can actively and comfortably despise Channing Tatum but really dig his mannish looking wife, Jenna Dewan? (Sorry honey, you might have accepted his last name, but I haven't.) The two are starring in 10 YEARS about a group of people who graduated from high school 10 years ago. Making them all around 28-years old now. So here's a few of the better grads from 2002.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

I love being able to say this, so I bring it up as often as I can. I've met MEW in person. I've seen just how drop-dead gorgeous she is up close. With nearly NO makeup on. She's polite, well-spoken and funny. She clearly enjoys what she does and shows great love and appreciation for the geek crowd who so warmly embraced SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD. She's the ultimate cheerleader who just kept getting better as she got older instead of withering up like lower level bitches wish on pretty girls. Love me some MEW. Always will (and to think I wasn't a huge fan back in the day!)

Olivia Wilde

Formerly married to royalty, currently banging one of the least funny dudes from SNL, there's an unpredictability to Olivia Wilde that seems to have stayed with her over the years. I'd venture to guess that she was the girl wearing combat boots with mini skirts, laughing at pep squads but participating in girlier sports like swimming and diving. If only the same thing happened to Olivia when you got her wet as what happens when you get Gizmo wet. Hell, I'd take the evil version of her too.

Scarlett Johansson

The girlfriend that every dude wanted but none got a chance to hook up with. Even in this provocative pose in the letterman's sweater, you know that while she might have dated the most popular, richest boy in school, she was banging the 40-something poetry teacher on the side. ScarJo gives off that vibe. Think about it... she had Ryan Reynolds and her rebound piece of old ass was Sean Penn? You know the type. She probably banged a couple of the dads she would have babysat for in a tantalizing mid 1990's trashy flick.

Which babe would you most like to head to the coat room with at the reunion?

Source: IMDB


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