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Battle of the Babes #222: Robot Babes

08.23.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Into the dregs of August, we start to get movies that might have been better scheduled during the year but for various reasons got dumped into the wasteland of when kids are going back to school and parents are happy that a new fall line-up is starting soon on TV. Which is what got me thinking when I noticed that ROBOT & FRANK. A film about robots, hot chick robots (sorta) and a new television season. Ta-dah! I told you I had a beautiful mind.

Jeri Ryan

Never did get the appeal of Jeri Ryan when she was playing 7 of 9 on "Star Trek: Voyager." I also have an aversion to strange facial moles and piercings, so it might just be me on that front. The perma-camel toe she had going on in that outfit is what lead to so many dudes looking right past the face. By the time that she appeared on "Boston Public" years later, her fate was sealed. But the years have gone by with little change to her good looks, begging the question of her robot undercarriage.

Summer Glau

I hate sticking Summer Glau into a Battle because most people are baaaing sheep who go right for the answer that they think people want to hear. We all hate Michael Bay and Uwe Boll, we all think Dane Cook sucks (now, but at one point everyone had to love him) and Summer is the fanboy lust object you dare not question. It made sense to have such a delicate looking actress be a robot underneath. No one would suspect she was that strong. Then again, why were they always in hiding, then?

Tricia Helfer

I've never watched "BSG." Sorry. No interest. Of course, I can't even remember what number on the cable box the SyFy channel is, let alone be worried that that's the channel I'm supposed to be watching in order to catch the show. I just understand things when they're put in front of me. Tricia Helfer is a babe. Apparently she's a robot on that show. Therefore, she's in this battle. Because I said so. Because I know what I'm talking about. And stuff. Sorta.

Which robot do you want to plug your jump drive into?

Source: IMDB


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