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Battle of the Babes #220: Hot babes over 50

08.09.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Based on some of the feedback from this week's Hot or Not choice, Joan Allen, I thought we could devote a little more tread time to the other women in that age bracket who are still rockin' in roles, strutting the red carpets like the best of the fresh young starlets and all-in-all reminding you in currect day time why you were so hot for them when they were the next big It Girls.

Kim Basinger

The first woman to have that lush-lipped pout, long before Angeline tried to come along and top it, Kim might not have had her character Vicki Vale exist in the BATMAN universe (hey, neither did Rachel Dawes) but she certainly made an impression early on in her career with sexy seductress roles in things like 9 1/2 WEEKS and the inspiration for Holly Wood, that Jessica Rabbit rip-off from the movie COOL WORLD. Don't even try and deny it. You know you wanted to dip your pen in that ink.

Madeleine Stowe

Did you know that the ABC hit thriller show, "Revenge" isn't the first time that actress Madeleine Stowe has been cast in REVENGE. Yeah, there was a 1990 movie co-starring Kevin Costner that came before it. But seeing as how Stowe looks just as hot (if not hotter) in 2012 as she did 22 years ago, I'm going to predict that there's many, many more miles for her to improve on every title she's ever been involved with. (And am I the only one who thought she was the tits in the first STAKEOUT movie?)

Rebecca De Mornay

Wow. She was worthy of braving the wrath of Guido the killer pimp and she's still take-a-bullet worthy at the age of 53. I'd have to say that given the choice, as MILF-tastic as Stiffler's momo was, Finch's mom had it going on wayyyyyyyy harder. Not to mention the performance she just gave in the MOTHER'S DAY reboot. I'd ride a train with her yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Which seasoned babe would you most like to taste the savory goodness of?

Source: IMDB


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