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Battle of the Babes #219: Super MILFs

08.02.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Just in case you're one of the few people still disgusted with the concept of TOTAL RECALL getting the reboot (and not even having the indecency to go for the hard-R rating like the original did) and are looking for another movie to hit up during this undersaturated weekend, there's always Olivia Munn in THE BABYMAKERS. Or you could look over these actresses who have popped out at least 3 offspring from their famous uteruses (uteri?).

Angelina Jolie

She adopted her first son while she was on the outs with second husband Billy Bob Thorton, a man known to have had several children with many other women but possessed of the good strength not to combine his genetics with Jolie's. A few years, another adoption and a stealing of Jen Aniston's man later, Angie was ready to start bearing fruit with her more aesthetically pleasing mate, Brad Pitt. Shiloh came first and then twins Knox and Viv. And she bounced back to her skeletal frame in no time!

Brooke Burke

Not nearly as famous as the other to women featured in this battle, I have to had it to Burke for popping out 4 biological chitlins in a span of only 8 years, each time coming back looking firmer and more toned, as if the babies were having a dip in the COCOON pool on her. Forty-one and kicking stronger than ever, I'd be completely remiss if I didn't include her in a Super MILF battle.

Jennifer Connelly

She fell in love with Paul Bettany when the two were cast in A BEAUTIFUL MIND together in 2001, Connelly reduced her boobs earlier in life but increased her brood by producing two children with the actor. This added to her first child, a son born in 1997 to her and former love, photographer David Dugan. I marvel at how many of the actresses who've made the choice to carry their own kids end up much skinnier afterwards. Have kids, lose too much weight? Why aren't they selling that diet plan?

Which Super MILF would you most like to get your to scream "Mommy!"?

Source: IMDB


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