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Battle of the Babes #218: 3-Named Babes

07.26.2012by: Cherry Liquor

This weekend I plan on seeing the fourth STEP UP movie because I am not ashamed of the fact that I love that stupid ass cheeseball series. (Except for the first one. Lest you ever forget, my hatred of the Tatum runs very deep.) That got be to thinking how the other big release is THE WATCH a film that had to drop the extra "neighborhood" from its title after the murder of Trayvon Martin caused producers to want to distance themselves as much as possible from the connection. Because heck, the movie is about aliens! And this column is about babes! So here we go!

AnnaSophia Robb

I might be pushing the limits of this week's battle by including Robb, seeing as how her first name, while ultimately 2 combined names, is still listed as just one first name. Still, I don't care. She's old enough to get featured here on hotties and she qualifies most thoroughly in that regard. She's a young, talented, intriguing hot chick with a longer than usual to same full name.

Evan Rachel Wood

She can photograph well and film even better but there are times when I wish there was a little of the weirdness from Miss Wood we could cut from her presence, probably moreso than her having the three names. Evan is a cool name for a girl and I can see that the gender confusion might have caused her to use the Rachel as well, but how about in this case, we deduct the Manson and let her keep her extra name baggage?

Rachael Leigh Cook

She's all that AND an extra name to add. (Don't forget how many people misspell her first name by omitting the A.) I might not be a fan of the more recent blonde hair she's been seen with but I'm not going to start a battle over that insignificant fact. I'm just going to point out that 13 years after SHE'S ALL THAT, she's still more than qualifying for that title.

Which triple named hottie would you most like to double up with?

Source: IMDB


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