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Battle of the Babes #215: Awkward Babes Battle

06.28.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Some grown women have a thing for sparkling vampire twats and emotionally retarded werewolves. Myself, I'm more addicted to a little scripted MTV show called "Awkward." It had some warm critic words spread around about it before debuting its first season last fall and tonight we get to revisit wall flower Jenna as she continues to be that average girl you went to high school with who had sex before worrying about the first date. It is and isn't what you're thinking. And yes, if I go out of my way to watch something, you have to give it your attention, trust me.

Ashley Rickards

Cute as a button on the show, Ashley Rickards has some major sexpot vibes going on when she dolls up and does the warpaint red carpet swagger. Her dry delivery of lines (the commercial for the second season had her nodding her head and agreeing about her own self being a bitch) and wide, emotive eyes have a power to sway. Come for the hotness, stay for the story. I like that kind of beauty.

Desi Lydic

It's hard to find a good picture of Desi that suits the sizing I need to do for the column. Being that she's often cast for her comedic delivery, many of the images available of her are goofy poses. It makes sense; Lydic is a spazz as the school's counselor Valerie, clearly attempting to make up ground for whatever she lost during her own adolescence. It takes many characters to pull off this show so well and Desi is a great one.

Jillian Rose Reed

She'll explain how to pronounce her name (Tamara, it's spelled like Tamara but it's pronounced Tamara... figure that one out in your head), be the plucky sidekick to the guileless lead, offering to pee on the bed of a female rival and happily tagging along as a third wheel if it comes with a side order of red cup pics. I adore Jillian Rose Reed because she's mixture of hot and funny, reminding you of every best friend of your ex girlfriends that you secretly yearned for instead. The red hair doesn't hurt, either.

Which Awkward lady makes you feel awkward in the pants?

Source: IMDB


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