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Battle of the Babes #214: Great Scots Battle

06.21.2012by: Cherry Liquor

It's taken Pixar 17 years to give us a female lead character in one of their movies. BRAVE may have once been considered a make-it or break-it proposition for the highly successful animation company, seeing as how female heroines don't bring in the box office dollars that dudes do. But after Katniss and her bow scored a major hit in movie-goers pockets earlier this year, looks like Merida might have a fighting chance to do the same. So to celebrate the first female Pixar lead... how about a battle of the (male) Great Scots? Hey... All's fair in the battle of the sexes, right?

Ewan McGregor

I fell pretty hard and deep fro this blue-eyed boy back in 1994 when he starred in Danny Boyle's debut masterpiece, SHALLOW GRAVE. From there, Ewan has set a career of being the guy who can sing, the guy who can easily be a young Obi-Wan and a dude who has no issues flashing his penis in several roles. If that's not a Great Scot, I'm not sure where else to look for one.

Gerard Butler

Floundering around for a bit in stuff like DRACULA 2000 and TIMELINE, Butler became our Spartan master with his abs in 300 and has been having a blast with audiences ever since. His cheeky sense of humour regarding his rumoured gay status, the fact that you can look up pics of his full monty from HER MAJESTY, MRS BROWN, and that he was only thisclose to having become a lawyer instead of an actor make him sexy, smart and mesmerizing.

James McAvoy

I have to admit that as a chick, I don't see the appeal of James. He's too skinny, too white bread for me. Then I look and realize that all these Scottish dudes have a sorta similar look and wonder what it is about Mcavoy that doesn't do it for me when the other two are more than enough. I thoroughly dug him as Charles Xavier in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS and think that he can be quite the good actor, but eh... this is for the other rabid fans of the dude.

Which hot male Scot is greatest to you?

Source: IMDB


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