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Battle of the Babes #213: Movie Rock Chick Battle

06.14.2012by: Cherry Liquor

ROCK OF AGES looks like a stupid-fun mess. I'm not just saying that because it's relying on music that I grew up listening to (from Poision to Twisted Sister? Can't lie that didn't catch my attention) or the fact that Tom Cruise was convinced to play such a joke of a role or even the fact that my hottie flavor of the month, Julianne Hough is looking mighty fine in it based on the trailers. I'm saying it looks so bad, it might actually be good. Plus it made me think of chicks who had played sexy-hot rocker roles, so that works too.

Cassandra (Tia Carrere)

She looks insane in tight white leather, loves to put on lingerie as if it were a stage prerequisite and causes "Dream Weaver" to start playing in your head when you look at her. (Some might argue that only happened when Wayne looked at her, but let's be real.) Cassandra could play guitar, sing and look hot, as well as possess the brains to know that Rob Lowe needed to be turned down. Rock chick extraordinaire.

Envy Adams (Brie Larson)

Envy Adams was a bitch. She punched a hole through Scott Pilgrim's heart after Todd punched a hole in the moon for her. She took pleasure in asking Sex Bob-omb to open for her more popular, total sell-out band and delighted in the vegan powers of her man. But it's listening to Envy moan, "Oh yeah...?" that really gets a crowd going. Hello, again, ex of a friend... (OK, and I'm all about seeing Brie Larson get cast as Debbie Harry in a biopic about Blondie.)

Jackie Q (Rose Byrne)

Only one way to explain why Jackie Q has to be on the list. "A ring, a ring, around my dirty posy. My rear pocket is so fit and so damn cozy.... I'm talkin' 'bout my asshole!" She's slick, she's fit, she's not afraid to bang Lars Ulrich. I imagine a world where Jackie Q really exists and Katy Perry has to one-up her game to stay in it to win it.

Which movie rock chick gets you to scream the loudest?

Source: IMDB


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