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Battle of the Babes #212: Sigourney's Daughters Battle

06.07.2012by: Cherry Liquor

Since there's no way to get you Schmoes to stop discussing PROMETHEUS, I figured I would flow with the tide rather than try and fight it. I couldn't possibly pit the babes of the other ALIEN movies against each other but seeing as how Sigourney Weaver, so associated with the series, has gotten to an age where she's playing everyone's mom lately, I took the next leap from there. I think my logic is sound enough.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sigourney Weaver in the movie where they fleece men with money as a mother and daughter hustle team is fun to watch for so many reasons. Sigourney in that wedding lingerie set that Ray Liotta tries to cut off. J-Love in pretty much every short skirted, cleavage revealing dress she wore. It was a good time for the both of them. It was the best documented argument for a mother-daughter threesome.

Michelle Williams

In the sad drama ORDINARY HEROES, Sigourney Weaver stumbles upon the pot that her college aged daughter, as played by Michelle Williams is hiding. This leads to a funny scene where she later attempts to buy dope out of a head shop. I think the movie's worth watching, even if Michelle doesn't quite look like she could be Sigourney's daughter on any planet.

Odette Yustman

I'm cheating a bit on this one since I wanted another actress who could present a decent challenge to the individual unique beauties of Willams and Hewitt. Why not go with Odette Yustman (Annable? - In this business, is it really wise to change to your married name before you've fully established your career?) who plays Sigourney's niece who represents more of an adopted daughter status than auntie place. In YOU AGAIN, the two were a good match against Kristen Bell and Jamie Lee Curtis. How much of a match is she against Sigourney's other cinematic daughters though?

Which daughter of Sigourney would you most like to violate?

Source: IMDB


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