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Battle of the Babes #207: Avengers Battle

05.03.2012by: Cherry Liquor

This week I'm coming to you on location from Pennsylvania, on a trip I've had planned for many months and didn't bother to consider conflicting theater release dates. Never mind the fact that I've traveled hundreds of miles to hang out for a week with a guy (Boomer M. Wadaska - you should look it up) that I've only known through technological communication for the last 6+ years, most of my local friends were less concerned about my potential for dismemberment than they were about whether or not I was going to be able to see THE AVENGERS on opening weekend. Go figure. So if you complain about this being a week full of guys, think about how all of you have been jizzing yourselves for months over this movie and admit it - you're all kinda hot for superheroes.

Chris Evans

I as wondering if we should make this a battle of the babes in the sense of the actor or the character and then determined - f*ck it, not many of you are going to differentiate after the movie lets out. Chris Evans has always been a buff dude but the bulk that he put on to play Captain America was only surpassed in impressiveness by how he manages to hold true to the little skinny dude personality within. Evans does NOT get the credit he deserves for the quality acting that he regularly turns in.

Chris Hemsworth

Good lord is Chris Hemsworth a beautiful man. Luckily we got to see that to be the case not just in his Thor incarnation but from THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, shot back in 2009, long before the Aussie became the demigod. And he's just so freaking charming. That smile of his could slip the panties (and boxers) off of anyone with one glance. Smile, baby. I wanna put it on Facebook.

Jeremy Renner

I'm biased. I love me some Hoteye. Yeah, you read that right. I think I piddled myself when watching THOR, knowing the second I saw that hand reach for the bow & arrow who it was going to be. I have been rooting for this man for a long time now and dammit... age has been so good to him. Tireless patience waiting for fame to pay off has made him humble. Those blue eyes? Make him lethally handsome. I love me a well-strung man.

Robert Downey Jr

Bonus babe for this week (I note that I have left Ruffalo out of the battle only because I covered him earlier this week and I still can't wrap my head around a huge green dude whose pants don't tear right off - call me selfish, I want to see some Hulk dong) really needs no babbling from me. It's Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man. Hunk of hunks, cocky rich prick of cocky rich pricks. Pass him a tumble of something stiff and he'll do the same right back.

Which Avenger is your super man?

Source: IMDB


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